Select Adult Jacks available


Delilah is not a good fit for our breeding or working program.

She sweet and gentle quite reserved.

Her prey drive seems to be a little strong for her to control so she's not trustworthy around the free range fowl.

She shows some dominant tendencies to the other dogs.

She'll make a lovely life companion for the right purpose 

Please contact us for details

Litter #1 Pearl and Mugzi's little Gems

DAM- WOTI Miss Minnie's Pearl


Pearl is the Daughter of Miss Minnie Mouzer (our legendary Mink killer) the Awesome Grickel Ziggy Stardust.

Quiet and content, she loves to hunt and hates to come in at night. 

WOTI Pearl's Jewel


First born Jewel is a well proportioned softy. Likely to be wire haired. she's is brave and curious.


WOTI Pearl's Jade


Born second, Jade is laid back and calm


WOTI Pearl's Jasper


Born last Jasper is spunky and an explorer


Litter # 3 born August 15th 2019 Mugzi and Annie WOTI Annie

SIRE- WOTI Magnetic Mugwort


Mugzi is a first Litter Son of CONQUEST Led Zepplin and MUSTARDVILE Willemse Maieke

Gentle and Intelligent. Mugzi is a fast and easy earner

DAM-WOTI Abba's Anni-freid


Annie is the daughter of GLENCOE She's in the Sky with Diamonds and the Awesome GRICKEL Ziggy Stardust; a sparkling personality full of joy and spunk. She loves everyone (except rats which she kills with abandon). Sweet and doting she is a shaggy bundle of wonderfulness

WOTI Annie's Amos


Born last but not least By C-section, Amos is a robust fellow so far pretty laid back


WOTI Annies's Andy


Born third by C-section, Andy is smaller so far and a busy body.


WOTI Annie's Angel


Born Second by c-Section. Angel was the problem child trying to come out sideways. Petite and precious, she is a miniature Annie.


WOTI Annie's Alex


Born first, naturally (with a bit of help) and literally on my lap in the truck on the way to the Vets.  He is a sturdy fellow the only tricolour in the litter.


Litter #2 Zepplin and Maieke

Zepplin and Maieke


An international Couple, Zepplin is From CONQUEST Terriers in New York State and Maikek is from Bloodlines direct from the Netherlands 

This is a repeat breeding because of the superior quality of their previous litter

WOTI Maximus Prime


 An only child, Max is a robust and happy pup willing to share his mama with his foster sibs. 


(Before he was born)

Breeding program


When Puppies from a select pair of Working Dogs are available to purchase, specific selected pups can be reserved for a non-refundable deposit of $200.

Please download and complete the 

Puppy Application form

 and e-mail it to me as soon as you have chosen which pup you would like. Reservation are made on first come first served deposit. We will not hold a specific pup without a deposit. Not all Applications will be accepted, however all Applications will be replied to.

Thank you in advance for your interest and understanding as we strive to find the perfect match for you and our little fur-kids


Our Jack Russells from Laura Jean Wilde have truly enhanced our lives and we are so thrilled and honoured to have these pups in our family.

Laura Jean has a lengthy profile as a reputable registered professional. She is fully transparent with providing all documentation regarding the genetic history of the pups. 

We were initially apprehensive about bringing a Jack Russell into our family, but Laura Jean did a thorough intake and interview to determine if our family would be suitable. She wants all families with new puppies to be successful.

We were super impressed with the personalized binder of literature and instructions provided with the purchase of our Jack Russells. The resources and recommended readings have been invaluable in rearing our pups. We have excellent dogs that are intelligent, calm and focused. Maggie and Daisy were so simple to train because we did the required work and followed Laura Jean's advice. 

Laura Jean has been so gracious and generous with her mentorship through becoming new puppy parents. She makes herself available to answer all questions and concerns. It is a huge relief knowing that I can contact her any time. She goes far beyond anything we would have expected in providing information and follow up, and we are truly grateful.

Our dogs are consistently obedient, smart and kind. They are well socialized and maturing beautifully. They bring happiness to our home, take us places we have never been to, and teach us beautiful life lessons daily.

We send our eternal gratitude to Laura Jean as we anticipate the arrival of our third Jack Russell.

Alisha Froman

Care and Training

Getting a New Puppy is a big decision. one that can bring about many changes in your life.



Expect the first few nights of your puppy being home to be little challenging. Your puppy may sometimes feel the pangs of loneliness and may whine as a result. He has been removed from familiar surroundings, so this is to be expected. There are a few things you can do to care more for your puppy and make his initial stay less challenging.

Make sure your puppy’s sleeping quarter is in a small crate. Although your puppy will grow rapidly, you do not want to get a crate that is too large. It will not be comfortable for the puppy that is adjusting to a new environment.

This crate should be kept near your bed in a draft free area. It is important to get attuned to his cries at this point. If he cries, take him out to a relieving area and afterwards put him back into his crate. This is not the best time to start giving him treats or offer play time. He should get right back to sleep afterwards.

Get your puppy a stuffed toy. The best toy to give is a stuffed Dog toy. This toy will serve as his littermate and keep him company.

Never take your puppy to bed with you. This will help you avoid future headaches and bad habits. Learn to keep him in his crate.


Puppy Training Manual (pdf)


Puppy Adoption Application (pdf)


puppy sales contract (pdf)